5 Health Reasons to Eat Jerusalem Artichokes or Sunchokes

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Jerusalem artichokes also known as sunchokes are a perennial root vegetable that easily reproduces if left undisturbed. It is common to scrub off the dark skin of sunchokes and just eat the whitish flesh. The nutty taste, similar to water chestnuts, is quite flavorful, whether the roots are eaten raw in a salad or fried in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Once established, the plants grow vigorously. You will never run out if you leave some tubers in the ground for the following year.

Jerusalem artichokes contain a lot of insulin and non-digestible dietary fibers. These root vegetables are quite nutritious, and have properties that are beneficial to humans. Eat sunchokes regularly when experiencing intestinal health problems, such as lazy bowels. The following list contains 5 reasons to add sunchokes to your diet.

  1. High iron content – A quarter of a person’s daily iron requirement can be provided by one cup of Jerusalem artichokes. This equals the iron found in three ounces of red meat.
  2. Lowering blood pressure – The insulin in these tubers acts as a prebiotic. It can fend off bad bacteria in the lower intestine and prevent hypertension.
  3. Increased anti-oxidant vitamins – Is your body in need of additional vitamin A, C, and E to stop dangerous free radicals? Eating sunchokes may protect your body from developing cancer cells, inflammation, colds, and viral coughs.
  4. Heart disease prevention – Dietary potassium is necessary to stay healthy and fight heart disease. Jerusalem artichokes are also a good source of electrolytes and essential minerals.
  5. Liver protection – These root vegetables contain a tremendous amount of protein. They are very high in sulfur-rich amino acids, which are essential for keeping connective tissues flexible and helping in the detoxification process of the liver.

There are many great recipes available online for those who want to give Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes a try.

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