Help combat cognitive decline with Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba ExtractIt is no secret that, with age, our bodies begin to lose their youthful vigour and our brains soon follow suit. We know that a healthy diet and exercise can keep the inevitable aging process at bay, but what exactly can you do if you, or your elderly relatives, are already beginning to feel the physical and cognitive strain of aging?

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) recently republished a study (Ginkgo biloba extract and long-term cognitive decline: a 20-year follow-up population-based study) showing the beneficial effect ginkgo biloba extract can have on elderly people who are suffering from cognitive decline.

This study showed that, compared to nootropic drugs, ginkgo biloba can significantly reduce cognitive decline in the elderly with fewer undesirable side effects. “The great thing about this, and many other emerging studies, is that it illustrates the efficacy, safety, and quality of natural health products available in Canada, as well as their role in our daily lives,” says Helen Sherrard, president of CHFA.

To give your body and mind an extra boost, consider supplementing your healthy diet with the four essential natural health products (NHPs) for any age: vitamin D, probiotics, Omega-3, and a multivitamin. Each of these comes in a variety of age and gender-specific formulations. This is important because getting a handle on illness and disease, both physical and mental, requires as much prevention as it does management. These four essential NHPs will boost your body’s systems and give them an advantage early on. As a bonus, they each come in formats for easy consumption; from vegan capsules, to liquid drops, to gummies.

“Natural health retailers are a great resource for Canadians seeking more information on natural health products,” says Sherrard.

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